It is hard to believe that eight years of Illinois’ live video gaming operations have come to an abrupt halt. 2020 has been a challenging year for Americans, and the Illinois VGT communities. After looking at the market and the events since it went live, I thought it would fun to share a series on the history of gaming. We start with Part 1. The History of Casino Gaming Around the World.

Gaming can be traced back to humanity’s earliest ancestors. But it wasn’t until Il Ridotto, the world first casino (Italian for “Private Room”) opened its doors in Venice Italy that gaming moved from small rooms to more organized venues. Italy is also believed to have invented the word “casino”, which is derived from the Italian description meaning “small house”.

Although gaming was popular from the very beginning, it wasn’t until 1638 that casinos became a reality. Il Ridotto was established to provide entertainment and entertainment for the Venetian Carnival.

Only very few people were permitted to gamble in the casino.
Patrons had a strict dress code to follow at all times.
Expectations were that guests would behave civilly.
Players were required order food and drink from the casino menu.
Giorgio Pisani in 1774 closed Il Ridotto. But, others would soon succeed him, including new ones across Italy and the world.

Although many casinos were opened in the 18th Century, Europe experienced a casino boom by the 19th Century. In order to capitalize on their popularity, casinos started growing in size. Many casinos have made customer service a top priority.

The 19th century saw the rise of luxury casino development. Florestran I (Prince of Monaco), approved Monaco’s initial casino in 1856. Le Grand Casino de Monte Carlo. The James Bond movies “GoldenEye”, “Casino Royale” and many others made Le Grand Casino de Monte Carlo famous in contemporary culture. The Grand Casino stands today, and they recently lifted the requirement that people wear sport coats. Instead, they offer a highly-priced luxury restaurant with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

The introduction of gaming to the original British colonies is credited to Traditional Englishmen . While raffles, lotteries and cards games are all traceable back the the U.S., casinos weren’t introduced until the 1800s.

While most of the early U.S. gambling establishments were located in or around New Orleans and other areas, there were some licensed gambling halls throughout the country. This was due to the absence any formal legislation for the gaming industry in the new and youthful America. Before 1931, when Nevada passed its Wide Open Gambling Act, gambling activities were somewhat obscured. This bill effectively legalized casinos in Nevada. Fast forward to today and many other states follow suit, but none have enjoyed the same level of fame as Las Vegas.

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